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Best VPN in Spain

SpainThe Spanish government places no restriction on internet freedoms and Spanish citizens are generally free to exercise their opinions without fear of retribution. Freedom of speech and communication are protected by Spanish law and it has been noted that the government largely respects these rights, though documentation or material supporting or glorifying terrorism will be removed from the network, along with any material that actively provokes racism, hatred or violence to be visited upon another group of persons. Social networks and private communications are conducted without government monitoring though it has been suggested that the long reach of the Spanish discrimination bill could see it deployed to remove legitimate material, however this situation has yet to arrive. Spanish citizens can choose multiple VPN providers with servers located within the country, with those localised services providing the best connectivity, customer service and infrastructure to conduct encrypted online activities. Whilst the Spanish government does not conduct widespread monitoring, we would always suggest selecting a VPN for any secure file transfers or accessing sensitive personal files whilst using a public WiFi connection.

We have completed a number of tests that rate VPN providers on several criteria so we can cater our recommendations specifically for Spanish VPN users. For your ease of use, I have compiled the best VPNs for Spanish users in the table below. If you are interested in reading the reviews on each provider I highly recommend browsing the extensive review section.

The VPNs listed below are also recommended as good all rounders. None of the below do any deep logging of their users, so your activity is completely anonymous. They also turn a blind eye to file sharing and torrenting, so they are suitable for filesharing. Finally, they all offer multi platform, so they also suit mobile, tablet and desktop users.

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