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The Best VPNs for Argentina

ArgentinaArgentina largely operates an open, uncensored network that affords its users freedom to browse, comment and express their opinions at leisure. The Argentinian model of monitoring and filtering is similar to the North American and European, focusing on disrupting obscene pornographic material distribution, restricting child-restricted material and removing tacitly terrorism related material. This could however be set to change. As internet usage increases, so does copyright avoidance, privacy invasion incidences, defamation and hate speech. Argentinian net users should also be aware of negotiations with copyright protection agencies that could see censorship laws altered, making the use of a VPN imperative. There have also been several cases of specific IP address being blocked throughout the Argentinian networks further increasing the case for sourcing a reliable VPN provider. As well as this, utilising a VPN unblocks geolocked streaming services such as Netflix US, BBC IPlayer and Hulu, as well as providing ongoing additional encrypted security for day to day browsing, file transfer and sensitive file access whilst utilising public WiFi hotspots. There are a number of VPN providers with servers located in Argentina and as such VPN connectivity speeds should be sufficient to enable fully functioning streaming services for Argentine users, as well as providing localised infrastructure and support.

We have completed a number of tests that rate VPN providers on several criteria so we can cater our recommendations specifically for Argentinian VPN users. For your ease of use, I have compiled the best VPNs for Argentinian users in the table below. If you are interested in reading the reviews on each provider I highly recommend browsing the extensive review section.

The VPNs listed below are also recommended as good all rounders. None of the below do any deep logging of their users, so your activity is completely anonymous. They also turn a blind eye to file sharing and torrenting, so they are suitable for filesharing. Finally, they all offer multi platform, so they also suit mobile, tablet and desktop users.

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