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IPVanish Takes on Turkish Government, Launches ‘IPVanish TR’

ipvanish-vpnThe consistent and prolonged attacks on internet and communication freedom throughout Turkey has lead VPN industry leader IPVanish to begin working directly with Turkish VPN provider Saklansana in a bid to provide some level of protection for citizens concerned with growing communication issues. As a leading member of BRIC, and Istanbul the beating heart of Turkey the detrimental effect is felt wholeheartedly throughout the social strata of the city and it has come to rest on VPN providers to offer dedicated Turkish solutions to a continuing problem.

IPVanish and Saklansana have collaborated to offer a dedicated Turkish version of IPVanish, as well as Saklansana moderating a forum for its users (and anyone that would like to sign up) and a dedicated Turkish VPN blog to allow citizens to explore their communication options. The outstanding work completed by these two companies provides positive reinforcement that sustaining the privacy of Turkish citizens should remain a priority, that the Turkish government should not be able to eavesdrop as it feels and that its nationals should retain the right to open communication networks regardless of protest or leaked media.

The propensity of social media sources to distribute breaking news rapidly and as an organisational instrument will be greatly enhanced by the VPN solutions on offer through the country. It remains to be seen how the Turkish government will react come the 30th March elections. Their claim that the new laws are designed to protect its citizens from invasions of privacy; quite how doing the opposite is supposed to help, we are yet to see.

Why Has this Happened?

Protest in the Turkish capital Istanbul has become symbolic of a generation of young Turkish individuals where the current regime has come to represent  abuses of power covering embezzlement and fraud, cronyism and media stifling tactics, that have mobilised some 3.5 million Turkish residents. The focus of the protests have shifted continually as information implicating the government is brought to light, culminating in a prolonged government attack on freedom of speech and internet censorship.

The move to stifle individual’s voices in Istanbul has been met with fierce protest forcing embattled leaders further into their corners where deliberately attacking individual liberties must be seen as a last grasp at power. On 5th February the Turkish Parliament authorised the Turkish Telecommunication Authority (TIB) power to block any website without court permissions as well as requiring Turkish ISP’s to maintain user activity logs spanning up to two years.

This was followed by a second announcement by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan that following the upcoming 30th March local elections a sweeping ban would be placed on social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an effort to stem the tide of leaked media implicating various regime members in a number of criminal activities which has in turn implicated the entire administration in scandal with this additional attack on freedom only serving to exacerbate the situation.

IPVanish Turkey: http://www.ipvanish.com/tr

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